About Us

QC Technologies WA is a West Australian owned and operated bricks and mortar retail business operating for over 10 years, now located at Unit 2, 3 Wicks Street,  Bayswater a suburb of Perth Western Australia.
Focusing on the technology of LED lighting and in particular LED lights as used in transport areas including Trucking, 4WD, Caravans, Trailers, boating and biking.
Complimenting this focus is:
Auto electrical, cable, connectors, heat shrink, fuses, chargers, globes, relays, flashers.

Transport storage solutions such as tool boxes, canopies, dog cages, draw systems, water storage and hydraulic oil tanks.

Safety solutions such as Beacons, strobes, beepers, alarms.

Partnering with other WA and National companies such as Redflag Industries WA, Roadvision, OEX, Thunder and Whitevision, QC Technologies is continually working hard to bring quality solutions to needs of the motoring public, transport industry and mining.

You can now call in to the landmark LED shop at our new showroom in the Tonkin Highway Industrial Estate.

Entrance-to-qc-technologies-2/3 wicks street, bayswater, wa, 6053